How to turn the Bandai Enterprise deflector blue?


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I just ordered the Bandai Enterprise.
All the pics so far have been amazing.
But, as you know, the deflector dish looks too white.

Please let me know how you guys are turning the deflector dish blue?
is it worth the effort?
what do you guys recomend?
what paint?


(and yes, I have asked this Q on other forums too)
Some people use "transparent blue" paint, but I'm thinking a little chunk of blue photographic "gel" might do the trick.

A photo supply or theatre supply place should have gels.

- Karl
I used the blue plastic lens from a pair of 3D glass I had laying around. Cut out a circle and put it behind the clear dish. it came out fairly well. here is a Picture:

Looks awesome Spheric!

I guess any piece of blue-tinted plastic will do the trick... that's a bright deflector dish!

- Karl
dumb Q:

I know the 1701-A's dish was blue

was the 1701's dish blue too?

I could not find good pics

My model will arrive on Tuesday. I need to decide what I am going to do as to dish this weekend.
some one mentioned that when it came out of dock in STTMP it was white - from then on it was blue

(I have not seen the movie in years)
Dean O wrote:
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As it's warming up in TMP it glows a kind of amber color but it's blue from then on.
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Dean is right...when the deflector did light up it was that kind of color...then blue for the rest of the film....well actually in one part while they were inside V'Ger it was that amberish color. But other than that the rest of the film it was blue.

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