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    Hey guys,

    I've attached a few pictures of voyager props that i'd really like to make but have no clue where to start. I've been reading a lot of methods but i'm not sure if those would suit here i.e. casting as a lot of them are rounded and look screwed together somehow. That said, how do you think electronics would be added to the insides of these things. Also, the device with the large metal collar around the it, how do you think this would be secured on the device? Finally, to save dismantling these props each time, does anyone know where i could find one of those thongs that some electronics have that just allows you to plug in a little cable to charge the battery?

    Hope to hear from you guys, thanks very much for your time
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    Looks like mostly turned aluminum. I see a classic Sonic Screwdriver and a TOS phaser nozzle there :lol:lol:lol.

    Your best bet would be to maybe PM "HMSMike" here on the board. His team likely made those.

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    The second picture is a soldering vac (see pic) with a few mods.
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    Where NTBBCPD where can i get one of those?

    Yeah i think they are turned metal but how are they put together, bits that screw together i imagine is beyond the realm of an amateur prop maker
  5. acook59

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    Is there a way to get metal bits machined to mach other bits like the threads in the end of the soldering vac? I really don't know anything about metal crafting
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    Hi Guys,
    Here is some photos to help. I will try and answer some questions.

    Star Trek tools - a set on Flickr

    This should help with some of it.

    NTBBCPD is correct. "The second picture is a soldering vac (see pic) with a few mods."

    #1,3,and 4 are all custom made props.
    # 5 if I am thinking right was a dental handle.
    #6 I think was a mini bar code scanner.

    HMS Mike

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