How Does Hippy Camouflage


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Here's one for you, 

I was watching P2 again recently and got to thinking. all of the preds in the movies have their tech, gaunts, bios etc,  well hippy has nothing at all, yet he is still able to camouflage himself, so hows that work...

any ideas out there?
He has enough LSD still left in his system since the 60's, that he can space out whenever he chooses, so much so, that he can become completly invisible.

in all seriousness......I have absolutely no idea.

..........wasn't much help was I?
maybe he is like paul, and holds his breath to cloak.
in full seriesness i think hippy was wearing a slight form of net mesh, witch i have always assumed (being so its no good as armor) that the netting is to do with heating the preds bodies, and used also for the cloaking.
very good question though o_O
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