How do I post pics?


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I have some pics of a costume I want some opinions on but don't have a clue how to put them in a post. Thanks for the help.



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Originally posted by dualedge@Nov 1 2005, 07:13 PM
You can do it two ways.

1. is to get the image on your own server and then link to it here. Linking to an image file is easy. When you create your reply (or post) notice those buttons above where you type your message. There's one labeled "IMG". Click that button. It'll ask you for the url to wherever your image is and it'll add the code for you.

2. on the reply/post window, a little under where you type your message you'll see an area called "file attachments". Click the "choose file" button, find the file on your hard drive and then click the "add this attachment" button.

On file attachments, you do have limited space so just don't go too crazy ;)

Hope that helps,

Thanks. I will give this a shot.