Hoverboard handlebars dimensions?


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Hello everyone,

I am building 2 versions of the popular hoverboard from bttf (one without the hole for the handlebars and one that has the hole for the handlebars). i read all the posts i could find on this forum about hoverboards and got a lot of dimensions but still not All of them (i did even read the full "mattycollector mattel hoverboard discussion" 158 pages :) )

Im trying to build my board as accurate and complete as possible.
So now my question ;)

Does anyone have the dimensions of the handlebars that Marty takes of the hoverboard when he "borrows" it from the little girl?

Can't find it anywhere on this forum or on the internet.


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I'm trying to remember what the sizes were that I used for this video. They weren't totally accurate with the shape as I was doing it quick and dirty for the video, but I do plan to post a video tutorial on how to make a hoverboard replica on my channel. I know this isn't much help, but I'll dig around my files and see if I have any old photos or notes.


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Okay, I found some of my photos randomly on Worthpoint here.

You can see thee bars are just a little bit longer than the board itself. I'm not sure where I found reference photos that got me to that size - but I believe it was from a display at a Planet Hollywood or something like that.

I've also included a reference photo of the original hero prop handlebars showing the correct shape.

Hope this all helps!


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Thanks for the info and pictures! They sure are usefull!

I saw that video. great work ;)

Looking forward to see your instruction video!


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These are the only two pictures I know showing an original handlebar and hoverboard side by side. As it seems, both are about the same size. The hoverboard is 28.5 inches.


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