horse hair plume??


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Anyone know how many pounds go into a plume? Like a Roman helmet. Or say, a Kurgan helm?




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Hi, I've got a plume/braid (not sure what you'd call it) of dark brown horse hair I've been meaning to get rid of. I bought it to try my hand at braiding a wookie scalp for my Fett with but ended up just buying an artificial set of them from a run on TDH. Its 23 inches long and about an inch thick of hair tied together with string.

PM me if you're interested.


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I gave up on horsehair for plumes. Too expensive for costuming.

For my roman helm, I used black yarn soaked in a substance called "Stiffy" :confused
You can buy it at a craft store, and it is to make things, well...insert joke here...

For my Greek Helm, I bought a broom that had very natural looking fibers, plus the ends were frayed to add to the effect.

If you are going for authentic, good luck with the horsehair. I would love to have enough for a new plume.



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AM I the only one that caught the "Kurgan" mentioned? Would love to see pix of that even of the beginning stages. This guy in Phoenix made one similar but out of all leather. He sculpted the leather than painted it after he got the proper shape he was looking for. I bet if you had any equestrian stores nearby they may have some or even a feed store.