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    Hello rpf, may I present you my new aluminum Mjolnir! Drawing heavy influence for Thor: the Dark World and Avengers: AoU, this hammer is my best so far and easiest to wield. In the past I have made a hollow steel hammer and a steel hammer with solid ends. Both of these hammers are pretty heavy and I felt I never really got it right, so I set out to make a much more accurate, lighter - weight hammer.

    The ends of the hammer are are 5"x5"x1 1/4" solid aluminum blocks, while the main body of the hammer is a 1/4" thick box. The handle is 1" solid round. The rings on the handle are slices of 1 1/4" pipe bent in a jig made specifically for this. Now in order to make the bevel on the ends I put some 16 grit circular sandpaper on my table saw with an abrasive cutting blade to provide a solid backing. Then using the saw's t-square I passed the block against the sandpaper 100s of times... on each side.... until my spirit for the project was nearly gone. But eventually I was done!

    20150605_111419.jpg 20150605_111427.jpg 20150605_111621.jpg 20150605_111605.jpg 30571.jpeg

    To attach the ends of the hammer to main body I welded arms that fit snuggly to the inside walls of the hammer and had them tig welded together through holes drilled in the sides. Some of the welded holes are still visable but they are not very distinct.

    20150715_204528.jpg 20150721_230036.jpg

    All of the etching was done with ferric chloride. To etch the ends of the hammer I drew up the design in Autocad and had some cut out in stencil vinyl by a local sign making company. Took about an hour or so for each etch and boy did they turn out sharp! For the top circle I just scribed the runes in beeswax and let the ferric chloride do what it does.

    20150809_123347.jpg 20150810_182612.jpg 20150810_182601.jpg 20150810_182606.jpg 20150812_203553.jpg

    The handle is rapped in some roofing rubber strips and stitched with waxed thread. To make an unbreakable tether, I used an old drive belt that was laying around and attached it by tapping a hole in the bottom of the handle and bolting it on. The little handle end was cut out from a solid bloc of aluminum using two different sized hole-saws, then it was ground down to shape. After that I drew on a design in sharpie and let it etch. The etching came out alittle shallow but the design is atleast there.

    20150811_225617.jpg 20150721_230041.jpg

    The entire head was assembled and cleaned before attaching it to the handle. In my past attempts I have always managed to get a rattle in the head and it drives me crazzzzzyyyy, but not this time! In case a rattle were to develop I used jb epoxy rather than welding it solid so it would easier to take apart.

    20150811_225607.jpg 20150812_175453.jpg

    I guess that about raps up the build, I wish I would have taken more pics of the build but the ones I have give a good view of the process. Anyways tell me what you think! I know it's not 100% accurate but * do I feel close. More pics will be posted later along with a pdf of the knot stencil design.

    20150812_203522.jpg Snapchat--6916324532002464241.jpg

    Thanks for viewing!
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    That looks very nice.
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    Excellent work. The etching detail is fantastic. Very clever attachment method for the main body :thumbsup
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    Great detail, really nice build!
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    Very impressive well done looks awsome

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