Homage to the 5th Element


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Well finally got it all together and my friend framed it up for me. I want to thank Tee and Imhotep72 for helping me gather some of the pieces so I could get this completed. The middle frame is around 4 ft tall a little over 3 ft wide and the other two pieces are 3ft tall couple a feet wide. I have not even taken off the protective wrap yet, can't stop looking at them. My friends at the Art of Music in Vegas put it all together, they have some skills. Anyways hope you like.
Very nice display! I don't think I'd get tired of looking at it.

This should be in the main prop section not hidden away in off topic
Thanks, I tried to do that and it told me that I did not have the rights to post there. I asked why this was before (not first time it's happend) no one could give me an answer. So just about everytime I post I can only post on the off topic.
Thanks so much. I have the same prob at times. I think that is an ongoing quest for almost any collector. To be honest if I did not have friends that could frame I think I would be out of luck. Framing is so exspensive. As a collector I despise keeping stuff in a drawer or a closet.
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Please do post more pics when you hang then up. Would love to see all the details without the wrapping :thumbsup :thumbsup

Again, what a splendid display trio !
I know you do and I love it. Even though my friends really did give me a crazy deal on the framing it still took a large chuck of my cash which is very small at this point. I actually was going to see if you still had it. I am trying to sell some stuff from my comic collection and was going to start putting some cash away for your bust.
Finally got'em up on the wall and the plastic off.


  • fith ele wall 009.JPG
    fith ele wall 009.JPG
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  • fith ele wall 007.JPG
    fith ele wall 007.JPG
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  • fith ele wall 006.JPG
    fith ele wall 006.JPG
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  • fith ele wall 012.JPG
    fith ele wall 012.JPG
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