Hive aliens

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I am a hardcore Pred fan, and I hate those slimy aliens, but they are still very interesting. I would like to know what others think about hive society. Is it like an ant colony where there are different classes (workers, soldiers, nursery ants, etc.) ? I have always thought it might be like that, but would like to know what everybody else thinks. Would there be dog aliens, etc. How would they deal with a Predator capture party entering their hive to capture their queen. I mean, beyond trying to overwhelm the Preds. Could there be alien types we haven't seen yet? I have my own thoughts on this. Let's hear from you guys.


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Well I think that there will be a different way of working. Because we are talking about aliens! In the story that I'm writing (about Skullcrusher) I maybe work this out. But I'm not sure.
I would make it more complex, but not 2 complex.



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I would think it's like an ant colony/ Bee hive/ the bugs in Star Ship Troopers with the queen as the central hub, but in the sense of the Aliens they're all workers, food collectors and all guards. They speak through high pitched frequency's and an almost telepathic hormonal way. As for unseen I'm sure just put a face sucker next to a shark and see what pops out!? Do the same to any creature/ Alien the Face sucker may come across and like the alien pred the Alien will mix DNA and become something new....

As for how they would repel the pred's kidnapping of the Queen Alien well I would think they aren't that smart there just cunning and like in all of the alien involved movies they test for weakness and over whelm in numbers just like in Star ship Troopers.

That's just my opinion...
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