HIC Progress


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To get him ready for this.

I just slapped the sides on him and painted him one color. Almost 3 years ago.

Now he's been in storage, his paint flaked off (it happens when you don't prep the surface properly) and he is not tappered right (or at all on the left side).

But now I have started on these this week.

LOTS of clean-up and details to add.

In fact anybody has got a picture of the second one down on the left side (as you view the HIC, Han's right). I seem to have conflicting photos. Looks like some panels got switched around.


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Dangit. that's so awesome looking. I want an HIC sooooo bad. You're just feeding the fire.

Are those all the 2 piece hero side panels from CE? Man you are going for the full effect with all those panels, that's gonna be awesome.



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I wish they were two pieces, more like fifteen each x 8.

Plus all the other stuff that goes on them.

But yes. I am going for the full on piece. All eight boxes done up right with lights in the main control panels.

All proper recesses in the box as well.

Never seen one done "right".


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Originally posted by muttley@Mar 16 2006, 03:55 PM
Dangit.  that's so awesome looking.  I want an HIC sooooo bad.  You're just feeding the fire.


Me too.... me too. It's going to be a while, but I'm going to have one of these... some day. I need to get out of the condo and into a house first.

Looks like you're off to a good start Micdavis. Keep us posted on your progress, and good luck.


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New pics of progress.

First I had to tear the skin off.

Problem was the left side was square and the right was too angled in. Needed to be evenly tapered.

I cut some stringers to force the frame to the right shape.

Much better now.

Next build the recesses for the control panels.



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Holy SH........ that's hot.

that's awesome. I have my one hero panel that I got from jedivigneri....I was just gonna use plain panels for the rest like the IC one, but OMG :eek

looks like I gotta make some copies of my one :D



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wanna build two at the same time?
"Wink Wink"

I have 8 panels, front, and nothing else.
Let's talk.

P.S. B9......


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I'm curious, where did you get your Han front panel from? Did you sculpt it yourself or is it a recast of the IC Han?


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OUTSTANDING micdavis .

I've been wanting to get into one of these projects for years ...

Seriously looking good man .

Originally posted by micdavis@Mar 24 2006, 11:23 PM
It's the one from the guy in Florida.

Ahh ... the "Flake" from Florida ;)

Seriously tho, I spoke with that guy 3 yrs ago when he was promising to get that project started ...

When did he ever get to it? Last time I spoke with him on the phone, he was using his boss's shop for the work, becuase he moved into a 1 bedrm apt, and didn't have the space, ect, ect. He quoted me 2 different prices in the same conversation. I was afraid he wasn't on the level.



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Wow, that's great work, Mike..

fettpride, the guy is totally on the level as far as honesty is concerned. His ability to crank out hancarbs on a regular basis...not so much. I think there might be one ready to go, though; PM for info.


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Lookin' good, Mike.

What did you use to fill in the gaps for the recesses?

I'll vouch for the "guy in florida". He shipped 2 Han sections to me about 3 years ago.


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Just resurrecting this topic. Any updates on this one??? :confused Interested in getting a set of side panels as well.



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Nice job.

Was he hanging at a "Gold's Gym?"

(I guess it would be "Ghoul's Gym" but trying to tie in that paint job...)