hey, wanna check out this turtle head sculpture?


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Just got the overall shape of this thing correct. now it's off to define the mouth, add the skinn bumps and make an appropriate bandana? What do you think? Hopefully it at least has the same personality as the character from the movies....


Thats actually really good. I think in the old movies the cheeks were a bit wider, but this looks like TMNT now.

Very good job I say


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Heres a better look at the cheeks. The first movie mike had a fatter muzzle area and lighter paint. The second movie mike had a slimmer face which u can see in the scenes in aprils apartment. The turtles also showed up on film darker either from lighting choices or actual paint. Maybe both? Anyone know more? Hopefully wwhen he is done. You will see a remarkable improvement. Lol. Now u got me staring at his cheeks. The eyes are also too light brown. if anyone can post other issues ive got here. Lemme hear it. I want this guy to look perfect. Thanks for lookin'


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i've got some stuff at home I can post when I get there...also check out


they have a section dedicated to screen caps from the movies

Looks very good so far, are you gonna make copies?


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looking forward to the items you may have.....also started looking over forums.thetechnodrome.com

Making a duplicate is a very good possibility after I finish this sculpture.
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