hey, is there anything valuable in this mess?


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hey guys,
I have a friend who bought a small house with everything inside. The owner was a huge hoarder and there is a lot of electronics and stuff there.
the thing is, it's far from my place, so I would need to eventually go there and look, but in the meantime, he is sending me photos. I don't know everything, so if you guys see anything cool, feel free to let me know!
thanks a lot!









then of course there are drawers full of electronics components, those are always interesting, so i'll try to get everything, it will just be easier!

this is just the begining, I think there are a LOT more stuff in that house, my friend is just starting to send me pics.

thanks for your help!
It looks a lot like the equipment and components my late stepfather had in his workshop. He was an electrical engineer. The one machine with the blue screen looks like a Spectrometer. What it does I don't recall, and I also see some multimeters which measure electrical current. The optoelectronics and semiconductor components could be of some value if you find the right buyer. There's a worldwide shortage.

For prop components, you've struck gold! While I'm not sure of any specific parts for replica pieces, you could do some really cool things with customs.
I spy Shortwave radios
Poss an Am CB reciever and loads of SWR meters and a host of knobs ripe for sifting through and a few chunky heat sinks might come in handy.
A nice hall the trouble will be where to store it all..

I thought there was a nice police Scanner but using Lens its brought up this.. its a modem
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That looks just like when we cleaned out my grandpa's house to sell it. Add in a lot of HAM radio stuff along with a couple hundred vacuum tubes and it looks just like it. I can tell you that a lot of the vintage volt meters are going for $50 or more if they're working and complete.
thank you all guys for your advices :)

couple more photos of today!
doesn't show what is inside, and the text is in french on it, but this is a guitar maker and effect pedal dream! lots of capacitors and all. and I'm hoping a good stock of vintage TO-3 transistors for my future run of scout trooper blaster!


this is still just a part of what's in the house, I think there is a collection of radios somewhere as well!
In the first pic I spotted an army radio pack (against the wall-left hand side)! It's a great collection of greeblies and for the guitarist/amp guys (y) (y)
Awesome! Don't hesitate to tell me more about it, you had me interested at guitar/amp !
all those old school electronics!

Do they work? Have they been plugged in?

To the right person, they would fetch a pretty penny. You need to find an appreciative buyer.

Just even salvaging parts to maintain similar equipment. Someone who tinkers with old ...ANYTHING, from guitar amps to Ham radios to old washing machines could find use for that stuff.

What usually happens is this stuff gets sold to someone dirt cheap, and then that person gets it evaluated, or is just a good talker/scammer and sells each part as if they were the crown jewels.

Google photo to identify the pieces.
alright, so... it would seem that my friends already emptied the house this week end, and, they kept everything visible in the photos in storage and told me that I could just come and take everything!
so, I'll need to arrange a little road trip there and see how much we can fit in our small car. This is not something I usually do, I don't drive much and I haven't taken any hollidays or week ends since 3 years that we came back to my wife's family farm in the south of France. I don't really know how to enjoy free time when not working, so usually never stop, and, we have a lot of animals here so we don't usually leave the house! we'll see!

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