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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by ROTSAnakin, Jan 27, 2006.

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    I'm in the planning stages of maknig a Cyclops costume to debut at next years D*Con or maybe Comiccon if I can make it. I've started researching different options but I keep hitting walls. I've noticed that some have either made or purchased visor kits usually based off of X1 or X2 but I've not seen and comic styled visor kits. I've also seen resin pieces to add to the rught sunglasses for the glasses used in the movies. Are there any specific topics I've missed or any sights or guides anyone is willnig to share? I got alot of ideas including LEDs etc. but I'm looknig for a push in the right direction for some of the harder to find stuff. Mostly what I'm looknig for is advice from folks who've done up a Cyclops movie or comic and perhaps some lines on some kits for the visor and if they're out there some tips or guides with different versions of the costumes as far as the bas materials guide with details on little stuff like footwear or fabrics. Thanks in advance for any help here.
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    are you wanting to do a movie version? or comic one?

    There is a comic version of the visor out there officially produced. I think it's wearable, but didn't really check into it.

    I have an X2 visor made of Resin. Finished and Red Acrylic lense is in place. Might consider selling it if you are interested.

    also have an X1 visor kit, unassembled. Was going to do this costume for halloween last yr and never got started on it.

    I'm not much help, but if interested in the X2 version visor.. LMK.

    I haven't seen much info on the costumes themselves. Wish DYR1 (sp?) would do one like his wolvie...That would be sweet.

    I was going to go with the X1 train station sceen. Using the visor, Hat, and overcoat to make it a bit easier...

    If interested, that actual Coat is still available at the propstore. Dark Green wool coat made by Mediterranea... little over a grand.

    Have you seen this?

    Not sure if the owner could possible be helpful with more questions.

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    I have done several cyclops costumes in the past and still have the molds for most of them if you are needing any pieces.

    Ultimate X-Men comics visor[​IMG]

    Some X-Men buckles from the comics

    This is a 100% acurate X2 uniform buckle I would be happy to mold
    it and cast some. If you are interested I can put some in the junkyard

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    Just noticed the paint in the above pic looked a bit bummpy, the raw resin casts of the base are very smooth, that was just a quick paint job.
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    Hi, I'd be interested in seeing the pic of your cyclops mask. Keen to make or commission one - ultimate style. Cheers Flynn

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