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Hey! I'm making a Alice costume from the new game for my girlfriend and I thought the awesome people at rpf might help me out on making some playing cards for my girl. I tried to straighten the cards for a few hours on photoshop but could not get them right. So maybe someone could help me out? I'd need the cards back image and and of course all those individual cards. Any help would be highly appreciated :thumbsup

Here are the images:
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This is not very helpfull but i have the art book and there is nothing in there apart from the same image as you posted

Hey Kid

What do you think about the backside


But I really don´t know how to do the Special Cards ??????
@The Collector

Looks amazing dude im starting to want a set of these as well i think they will have to be made from screen caps by hand its only the jack and above. all the lower cards normal "except ACE" ill send you PM in a bit
Hey Kid

What do you think about the backside

But I really don´t know how to do the Special Cards ??????

I'm no kid (I know you were referring to kid2000) but thank you very much! :lol My idea was to just straighten each card and use that. i know it's no vector image but these are going to be so small that it wouldn't matter. Any change you could straighten the others? Please? :love
Doing a Google search last night I found part of the same image of the Cheshire Cat (missing the tops of his ears) think I also saw the Mad Hatter so I'm guessing that with enough time spent you could find all the images.
It can be done in Photoshop, but it won't be perfect. By using the transform tool to 'square up' the card, and then using the "Liquify" filter to remove the curving, you can get decent results.

Another approach would be to take the best rectangular card with the least distortion, clean it up and use that as a master. The just drop the images into that.
Yes, those came from the images you posted. You could let Photoshop interpolate them at a higher res but they'll get blurry. Do they have a website with any images of the cards?
Nice would be easy enough for the lower cards to be done with just Splitting the backs off and having the back printed out then glued (forget what kind at the moment) right on the cards.
The other option is to check an online magic store for a Blank Deck and then use that as the center and glue the special cards up.
It has been about 12yrs since I have split cards and made my own stuff....hence I do not know what glues are right for this now as far as what is available. You want a glue that is flexible when dry not stiff. There was a glue available in a can that worked great for this.
Look for videos on Youtube on Card Splitting which would also teach you the proper technique. It is a knack thing and easy once you get the knack. will also custom make a deck for you if you ask and you supply the artwork for it. It is a bit expensive though as the fewer decks you want the higher the price.
Hope that helps,
I did these from scratch using images I found on line.
It's interesting that the cat's head has been reversed on the card.
I also have them with out weathering.

Is the twelfth card the one with a big A on it or is it something else coz at the mo you're missing one.
This would make an excellent deck when fully realised.
Those are beautiful, Division 6! I'd like to see them non-weathered if I may? Just awesome! This is the reason why rpf is so great!

Oh yeah,

if you're not familiar with the characters or their signs, here they are (as I found them on this site:

Cheshire – Alpha (first letter of Greek alphabet)
Duchess – Jupiter
Hare – Saturn
Dormouse – Saturn
Humpty – Ceres
Tweedles – Pluto
Carpenter – Neptune
Hatter – Mercury
Caterpillar – Uranus
Rabbit – Sun
Alice – Omega (last letter of Greek alphabet) (she wears this sign around her neck in the original game and new promotional art)
This looks to be a great project, thought I would give it a try. I did the Carpenter and Mad Hatter cards. Okay...too grainy...or ??

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For me those two look good enough! Thanks! It's a shame these weren't officially licenced. Well, maybe if these game sells well, they might consider.

And Division 6, those two are beauties! Thanks!:love
Unfortunately there are no really clear hires images available for the cards. The only 2 nice images that seemed to be available are the 2 Division 6 found. The others for now have to be made from the cards shown on the big image posted above. Unless there is a secret source somewhere....??

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