HELP! Weird marking on Iron Monger Helmet

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by ComedicHistory, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. ComedicHistory

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    Hey guys, there are several light brownish stains on the top of my Iron Monger helmet replica. I've also noticed other light brown stains that can be wiped off but these other ones seem to be a part of the steel now. I've kept the helmet dry and none of my other props have this kind of damage. Also, the wipeable marks are in random spots on the side and back of the helmet.I was wondering if anyone has heard of this happening or knows if I can clean it? Would something like steel wool or vinegar work? I'm afraid to apply these without consulting with someone on here first. In the pictures it looks as if something was wiped across or the area was not properly dried. This is only happening on the top of the helmet. Thanks guys :)

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  2. NormanF

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    Looks like flash rust to me.
    This article talks about how to remove it, but unfortunately it assumes you are going to prime and paint after that.
  3. DrewSmith007

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    Looks like surface rust to me. It happens to my machine tools when they're not well oiled and the air turns humid. I've never been able to remove it.
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    If you remove rust, you HAVE to make sure to seal the surface afterwards, for most metals. Rust is an oxidation of the metal - oxygen in the air is interacting with the metal and forming an oxide. In order to prevent the chemical reaction from occurring it needs to be properly sealed.

    This is why dings and nicks on your car eventually start developing rust - the protective barrier has been compromised.
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    Yep surface rust, you can try using WD40 to remove it. Let it soak for a bit coat it a few times then use fine steel wool or even just a synthetic scour pad. If that removes the rust you can seal it off so it doesn't rust again by simply applying a few more coats of WD40 and let it sit for a few hours to penetrate the surface. WD40 is a water-displacing spray lubricant and will keep bare metal from developing surface rust, I use it on the machine tools I have made and oxide finished as well as on my Mill table.
  6. Steamtech

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    Seconding the WD40 suggestion. I've used it in the past to remove surface rust (along with very fine steel wool) and also to prevent rust from coming back. It works great.
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    Thanks for all the tips everyone, you guys are the reason I love this site! I'm going to try the WD-40 and fine steel wool tip after I try this new product I heard about. It's called Innosoft BD-570 and it's only available on their website but it's used by all sorts of major companies like Mars Candies and others to remove rust on their machines. It was recommended by an engineering professor friend of mine, supposedly you spray it on, let it sit and wipe it right off. Then you dry the surface and apply their metal sealant for continued protection. I'd list the site name but I kinda feel weird about advertising on a forum but pm me if you'd like to know. Thanks again everyone, I really, really appreciate everyone's help.

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