Help/question About Neca Predator Figures Shoulder


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Hello there.

I have a question.
Couldn't find the answer for it anywhere.

Did any of people who tried customing neca predator figures eved did change the whole arm.
I mean did anyone tried to change the arm from the shoulder ?
Is it possible to take the arm out, like putting figure in boiled water and them pop it out ?
Or will it brake ?

I only customized one neca predator- body was berserker and I did't tried to remove the arms.
Hands, feet, head pop easily. Legs from croutch were little harder, even waist finally gave up.

I want to do a custom using classic predator body as a base but hoped that i could change the whole arms, from the shoulder.

Is it possible without desroying the figure ?

Thanks for help.

here is the joint i am talking about

joint problem.JPG
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