Help Needed!


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Hello all.

I have made a few posts latley about making a spiderman 2 suit.

Alot of you have been really kind and have helped me out and gave me some fantastic information so thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to take the time to answer my questions.

I have sent off my patterns to the printers which i should get that back next week and i have the webs arranged which ill stick on the lycra before i get it sewn up.

This is where i get stuck as i dont sew or know anyone who does.

Can anyone here who can sew the suit for me? i have heard from people that a "serger" machine is used or a stretch stich to sew it together.

I dont think it is a particually difficult pattern for most of it but the gloves and the mask look tricky.

I will of course pay for your sevice but you need to be confident in your abilities because of the pattern and because it will have the webs already glued on.

please, can someone help me with this??