help needed: Ripley - Sigourney Weaver!


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Just picked up an amzing 1:1 glass eyes sigourney weaver head.
Beautiful eyelashes the works... :thumbsup :D :D

Took the guy 8 months of hounding. took a life cast, recast and vertiually took the smirk off her face, her eyes we're closed and she was smiling.


he lowered the cheek bones, add3ed stren brows and wa-la.

I spoke to the sci-fi museum in seattle and asked about the ripley in the life sized power loader, and they said look close it's only a brunette mannequin.

I might have the only 1:1 cast of sigourney around?

My thoughts are to have a life sized ripley, solider next to her, then the queen in the middle, then the 7' footer and the female.

I am doing a life size to add to the collection and have a flame thrower and pulse rifle for her to stand next to my life sized queen.

The bust (if you'll pardon the expression) is bald.

I personally like the hair filled Aliens look more.

I have a camo outfit I could put her in or a full sized USCM with Armour?
mmmm????? :rolleyes :rolleyes

Thoughts??? Does anyone have a replica costume that would work for sale or
panties and tee shirt has been mentioned? B) B) B)

Excited here, please let me know your thoughts on how to show this best.

Tom :thumbsup
My Aliens are here:


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Are you doing Rip from Alien or Aliens? In Alien she has a grey jumpsuit which I think was made from some kind of pressure suit. Or the underwear you mentioned.

In Aliens she has the marine jumpsuit with the signature leather jacket & Reeboks.

The hair is totally different in the two movies as well.


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Are you doing Rip from Alien or Aliens?

I do not know. Let me kput it this way...
I want to simply do the best I can with the bust I have.

I will get pics up and I would love your take on which way to go with her. :confused

Tom :thumbsup


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Well, personally I'd go with how she looked in Aliens, short, curly hair, t-shirt, blue/grey pants and the PR flame thrower combo. You might also look into getting her the correct shoes which were made in mass by Reebok, but they are neither easy to come by nor cheap.

But trying to find a wig that would look good on her I think would be pretty difficult. Generally speaking, busts don't usually look good with a wig, the hair needs to be sculpted on to look good, but then there's the problem of painting it to look realistic.

Given this, probably the easiest thing to do is make her up to look like she did in Alien3. You don't have to find a wig since the bust is bald and that's how she looked in the film. Then all you need is a khaki t-shirt, some OD pants in a size large or extra large (just a guess) and perhaps the proper coat (I can give you the proper details for what brand was used).

Put an axe in her hand...or perhaps a metal pipe if you want some kind of prop like she held in the movie, and you're ready to go.


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There are the Bishop screen used sneakers being offered for sale by a member here. That'd be a killer addition to any mannequin.


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Any final thoughts before I start to stick this on a mannequin?
Which look should I go for?

If you have a pic for me to go by that would be great.


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Originally posted by houdiniguy@Dec 27 2005, 10:21 PM


Excited here, please let me know your thoughts on how to show this best.


Um... Interesting juxtaposition of text and imagery. :love
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