Help needed - over-the-shoulder harness for Doc Ock tentacles

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    Hopefully, I will get some response on this one:

    My 6-y.o. son is going as Doc Ock for Halloween - the classic green jumpsuit version, no lab coat or trench coat. I have the costume pretty much planned out except the back plate for the tentacles. I can't really use a harness or strap assembly because a.) he still uses a car seat and it'd be hard to buckle him in safely while in costume and b.) his school has requested that kids don't wear any costume that might interfere with normal school day activities (for example, if he was harnessed in, he might not be able to sit properly in his seat, or lay down for nap time).

    So what I am thinking is some sort of over-the-shoulder two-"hook" assembly that can be easily lifted off and put back on. When off, the entire tentacle apparatus can be hooked on the back of a chair or placed on the floor. When it's time to put it back on, it is just hooked over his shoulders and he's good to go.

    The hooks would be padded for comfort, and hidden under the yellow mantle that classic Doc Ock wears around his shoulders and neck. The closest thing I can think of that illustrates my idea would be a wreath hanger.


    Just as it hooks over the top of a door, so would my "hooks" go over my son's shoulders (only with a rounded shape for comfort). The rest of the hanger would be attached to the backplate.

    Anyone ever tried something like this? Any reason why this won't work? Would love guidance from someone who's successfully done this. Thanks!
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    I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work, seems like a brilliant idea to me. I would just make sure that there is enough padding to create comfort but not so much that it causes the hook to be pushed off the shoulders. I doubt that would be a problem though.
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    Thanks. Yeah, but what to use for it? The wreath-hangers themselves won't work because the hook radius(?) is far too narrow to fit over even his little shoulders.

    I'm thinking 2" wide x 2' long strips of.....something. Something strong enough to support the backplate and arms, yet malleable enough to bend the hooks into the right shape. They sell thin sheet metal at Lowe's and Home Depot, but I have no idea if they can cut it there. If not, I'd have to go to a Plan B because I sure don't have anything at home to cut it. At least, not easily.

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