Help me identify this old SNL skit!


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Ok - this is crazy obscure - but I would love to see it again - I just dont know the season, or episode, etc...

Its a skit where Jim (not John) Belushi goes into a bar, and all the women ignore him for this other dude. Sad, he goes to the bathroom and sees the other guy in there, and as that guy leaves, he stuffs a bunch of paper towels into the front of his pants....

Jim gets the idea, and then just stuffs an obscene amount of stuff into the front of his pants, and walks around the bar to the Bruce Springsteen song "Cover Me" - now getting the attention of all the ladies...

I hadnt even thought of that skit since seeing it as a kid, but I heard that song on the radio the other day and it totally Deja Vu-ed me!
They played that on an SNL documentary. Said the only way it got around the censors was to make it bumpy so it wasn't smooth. It ended up looking way more offensive.
If you have an iPhone, get the new SNL App. It's sweet. Most all the skits I remember from 75-present are there. Not just clips, the entire skit. Just watch on WIFI tho, the streaming files are HUGE. I burned a gig in 20 minutes. :lol You can sort by season or actor.
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