Help me identify this bizarre and kind of inappropriate cartoon…..


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Well, certain early cartoons were sexualized to some extent; over the heads of the kiddos, but the adults could see the "humor."

I have a VERY VAGUE memory of perhaps seeing this way back as a child, but it could be an artificial memory. I do not THINK I would have thought it was inappropriate.

And part of it is as well, scatologic humor is such more pervasive over the past 30 years, in all aspects of culture. Comedians who were considered "blue" (or dirty) back in the day, I'd say it's MORE prevalent now with not only profanity but with explicit sexual content than previously used. So it may be that we just "see" it more nowadays.

P.S. Jackie Vernon was the voice of the animated Frosty the Snowman. that's how I first knew him. But a very "blue" comedian, and don't listen if you don't want to ruin a childhood memory.

She as on her way to an audition for the part of the ‘Confectionery Queen’ for a local performance. The wardrobe specialist used a donut prop to complete the look that she was going for before she went in and tried out.

What did YOU see?

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