Help finding a coffee mug style

Wes R

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It doesn't have to be exact but I'd like it to be close. I found some with handles i like but the lower halves aren't right so i couldn't put the bands around them. I swear i've seen mugs like this someplace. I figured maybe you guys would have better luck. Here's what i found on amazon and they're pretty good except for them being clear. If all else fails i'll go with these. After that finding a way to put the emblem on it and making it heat resistant might not be bad. Bormioli Rocco Verdi Espresso Cup With Stainless Steel Handle, Set of 4, Gift Boxed: Kitchen & Dining

Wes R

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Not that I know of other than maybe in a cutscene someplace. It's out of a "diary" that was a freebie with Halo Reach. I figure if i can find something at least the right shape at the bottom I'd be okay as i can fudge it a bit.

Alan Castillo

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The cup at Amazon is way too much out of shape I think. Perhaps I can suggest that you buy a common glass (seems like a very common design), and make the handle out of twisted wire yourself ?

Or you can get an ordinary glass in the shape you want as in the drawing, AND the Amazon glass, and transplant the wire :)

Wes R

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Yeah I'm thinking of doing that. I'm going to hit some dollar stores next week, they always have odd glassware so with some luck maybe i can find something i can use and save on the shipping. I feel less sorry about breaking things when i bought them for a buck lol.


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It looks alot like a travel mug...without a lid of course. Obviously the handles different, but the shape (minus the metal band) is fairly spot on.


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The bottom element and the handle (one piece?) appear to be steel. The upper
cup area appears ceramic or thermoplastic, maybe even glass. The handle reminds
me of the kind of glass you always get served in europe when you have Cafe Late.

Wes R

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If i could find that alien mug in black it would work great. I could remove the handles and put on the wire handle and ring. Yeah stackable mugs will be the best bet. Those plastic ones shown in the Nostromo mug thread would be great if they came in black. I want these to be functional and plastic for safety.
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