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im new to modeling/prop building, and have started my first build, my very own boba helmet, everything is looking well so far! im just curious if its possible to resin over body filler, any tips/advice would be much appreciated!!!
I haven't tried it but traditionally you do the resin and fiberglass cloth and then the body filler as the finishing touch. At least on cars, not sure about helmets. I'm just glassing the inside of my helmet and sanding it smooth so i don't get itchy.
awsome, only i seen someone start a boba helmet and the used a body filler to get it all smooth, then were unsure whether to resin th outside, i were planing on resin the inside, im just unsure if the body filler would be too brittle on its own? like i say im new to it. . . . .
The steps I used to build my Mando helmet went as follows

-lightly resin (No fiber glass)

-resin and fiberglass (inside)



-sand some more

-Spot putty

-wet sand

You could also mix bondo and resin (with both hardeners) if you like. It makes a strong build.
Ive jsut finished doing my first resin on a mask, tell you one thing i learned the hard way, do it in a well ventilated area. To say I was feeling dizzy for a while is an understatement. Lesson learned.
Yep, absolutely wear proper respiration gear when using these products. And avoid Bondo brand bondo. Use USC's Feather Rite body filler, it is much superior.
Haha digger2307!your advice is well noted, altho maybe i wanna feel a lil dizzy! and cheers anonymiss, i think ill be using that method, cheers all for help!
Guys guys guys..... before you go any further, read the safety advice on these products. Polyester resin (used for fibreglassing and as a solvent in the car body filler) is very damaging to ur lungs and theoretically carcinogenic. Not only should u be using in a well ventilated area, you should be using a proper ventilator mask. Not a cheap 2-3 quid paper mask, not a 10-20 quid particle dust mask, but near industrial grade dust and organic fume masks. Cheapest ones in uk I have seen are at least 25 quid and upwards. Dont play around w ur health!

I have built 1 or 2 things, halfords upol cannisters are cheaper and just as gd as isopon
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