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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by nogga_nootch, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Ok, so some people may remember this thread from a couple of years back.

    Sadly due to many reasons (terrible job with terrible hours, splitting with the wife, moving back with parents, unemployment etc) this never got off the ground, besides there are a fair few 3d printed kits out there now so I ended up buying one of them.

    However at the start of last year in an effort to cheer myself up after the breakup I bought this from fleabay. I have no knowledge regarding the source of this kit, but the seller claimed it was from a production helmet. Could be, but to be honest I had other things on my mind. Anyhow this thing sat unmade for over a year while i got my life back on track, I got a fantastic new job last June and last December moved into my own place.

    So a few weeks ago I finally made a start and finished it this very day. The aim was for an actual Dredd helmet replica not just a generic judge, I used some brilliant pics of the stunt helmet from the propstore auction for inspiration.


    The beginning

    Trimmed, filled and primered

    Scribing the damage

    Silver laid down

    Black laid down

    Masked up and red applied

    Scraping away the liquid mask, and general attacking with x-acto to chip up the paint
    22_zpstdiztios.jpg 23_zpshobsyfkd.jpg

    Padding cut, covered and in place

    And finally, getting it dirty, with washes, matt clear mixed with charcoal, cloths, and generall over handling.
    37_zpsdwv4z522.jpg 38_zpshje5jvh0.jpg 39_zpsnwi63yar.jpg
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  2. Uridium

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    Nice job!
    I like the weathering and damage. (i may have been a little too heavy on mine)
  3. gothic

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    looks great, from uk too can you remember what colours halfords spray paint you used and how do you weather the red and black down
  4. nogga_nootch

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    Silver base was halfords aluminium, the black is halfords satin black, prefer it to gloss as you don't have to spend time reducing the shine, and the red is VW tornado red.
    All the damage was scribed in prior to priming then liquid masked off. This worked fine on the black but due to paint layers it became harder to remove on the red, for that I went at it with a squared off xacto blade to carve chunks out down to the silver base layer, some of the silver came away but it added to the look.

    The dirt was simply a mix of watered down black and brown acrylic model paints. It was painted on in specific areas and immediately wiped off, then repeated on the same areas to build up the layers, some was just lightly dabbed to make it look a bit thicker. Also It was applied a little heavier over the scratches. For some of it, I burnt a full box of matches and crushed them down to powder, then this was mixed with some clear matt resin and splodged in some places, this was done sparingly though and was really only a test. The badge got a similar treatment. This had some scuffs scratched in with sandpaper prior to paint and clearcoating, then the same wash and wipe application was used.

    To be honest, its not 100% done, it needs a little tidying and scuffing with sandpaper on the black where some of the washes look a bit too obvious/clearly painted on, and the badge could do with being a little duller.
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    I like that effect with the matches, great idea, putting that in my repertoire.
  6. gothic

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    have seen a video on you tube where the guy cut out doing all the dremmeling scratches and just rubbed his dredd helmet on a rough brick wall lol..........thing is he achieved the same result, a brave method
  7. horus

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    Great Build !
  8. nogga_nootch

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    I think that was Fulvio from pannaus props, i wasn't that brave, and wanted to try and replicate Dredds helmet
  9. Olimpo

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    It's look great also I like the battle damege . Nice work !!!!!!!!

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