Interest HELLBOY 2 - The "Crown of Bethmora"!!! Metal & 24K Gold-Plated!!!


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"Crown of Bethmora"

This is a new run of the "Crown of Bethmora" cast in solid Pewter and 24k Gold-Plated!!!

3D Sculpted from hand-drawn schematics to match every detail that is shown on screen!
You can't get any closer to owning the original Crown than owning this beautiful replica!

What makes this Crown stand out even more, is that it is cast in Metal, to make it even more real than a screen-used or replica resin copy!

Every detail is crisp and exactly like the original!

Below are the 3D Model examples of what it will look like, but I will also be adding a light aging to bring out the details.
First two are of the 3D Print, and after 3D Models...

Some small details have since been added, not shown on the 3D Models and in the 3D images, to make it more accurate, such as smoothing the texture behind the flowers, and also rounding edge details on the face of the Crown.

It definitely belongs in a museum and your collection!

Post if you're interested in being added to the list! :cool:(y)

Estimated Price: (Shipping NOT Included!)


Interest List:

1. bk85
2. shotts63
3. MiamiLoco
4. Britcinescribe
5. ahoudini





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BUMP for this thread!!!

As it looks, this may be a very small run and probably the only run for this prop!

Also, I plan on doing maybe 2 to 4 hand-drawn pages from the Storybook from the film depicting the Crown, such as the image below!
Not sure if they'll be included with the purchase yet, depending on difficulty of production...

So, get on the Interest List, so you don't miss out! :cool:(y)


Not yet... I got delayed with another project, and now I'm back on this one! I just have to prep a better prototype for the metal molds, which I'm doing this week. Should be finished by the end of the week and get production going! ;)
Any updates on this?
This is being put on hold for the moment, but is still in progress...
I was shopping for a new Pewter-Casting company to take on this project, since my last one closed it's doors, but the production costs are very expensive. It was going to require two molds and just one of the molds were almost $1,000, and had to be shipped from Italy... So, I'm going to try and cast this in my workshop myself, and see how it turns out.

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