Heath Ledger so far mock up


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Just a quick mock up... all the hair to style only quickly done adding more browns and greens to it..
through it on a mannequin torso just to see what ive got....
Lots to do ,distressing the costume will be with the grey jacket and coat..
Just wanted to see him sort of done......

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Just a tip for the hair. I've used green and yellow Text Markers to dye the hair on mine. Worked out pretty well. Tried first with green Hairspray, but the result's been not so good.


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cheers surf....by the way are your shoes Mag`s do you know anyone with a good pair
going to mod a pair of plain leather oxford brogues but if I can get a ready made pair
bonus.. is anyone making replicas that are a good price would of thought the china makers
would have got on board with them ???


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Hair work mostly done bit more trimming and some green highlights.
hair2.jpg hair1.jpg hair3.jpg

Got a headless mannequin .. now to put it all together with the full costume and
hopefully getting a drain cover to stand him on.
still want to work on the mouth a bit more to get the bottom lip a bit more real....
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Heres the costume..... Got to finish the shoes. add some more detail to the coat ,stitching around the lapels add more accurate buttons and attack it with boot polish.
the shirt was washed in a dilute black acrylic wash to give it a more screen look, may darken down the waist coat and put the flower and dime button on.
still looking for some better trousers, going to ask Lindy Hemming for the material supplier but she is hard to get hold of most of the time....
getting the Gotham manhole cover to replace the glass base
20150710_220502.jpg 20150710_220449.jpg 20150710_220407.jpg


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Doing a few mods to the head...you were right Haywire ..managed to detach the hair going to bring it forward
its hard to get that thin hairline on a resin head ,tried drilling and gluing but it took so long just to do a small
part, going to close the eyes a bit the flesh colour inside the lids give him a more wide eyed look, going to add
some eyebrows and tone down the black around the brow area,also going to add some pore texture to the mouth
and nose and get the y shaped scar on the bottom lip a bit more refined ....one bonus with the hair now held
with just screws the whole costume is wearable.......
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