Hawkeye AOU Speed Build


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Well, Denver Comic Con is fast approaching, and I have not had any time to work on my planned costume. So, this thread will hopefully detail my successful attempt at putting an Age of Ultron Hawkeye outfit together within the next 3 weeks. I've done a bunch of planning, so I'm hoping it should go pretty smoothly. I suppose we'll see!


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Small update:

Got my fabric in, it's black and burgundy Cordura and some black suit fabric I found at Joanne's. As upon close inspection, I see that Hawkeye's coat is multiple fabric types.



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Oh boy, so this build is not going quite as speedy as I had hoped, but I've made progress.

First off with patterning. This is only my second time making custom patterns, so that was fun.

Then, then finally getting time to actually trace the patterns and cut them out. So now I have these pieces.

A shot of the back:

And from one side:

Now I just have to sew everything together, and I think the most difficult part of the costume should be done. At least I hope so...
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