Harley Quinn Pop gun.


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OK, a little something for the ladies lol. Be kind, this is my first foray into costume/prop territory, but a very good friend of the missus, is BIG into costuming.
It was recently her birthday, and i knew she had a 'Quinn costume lying in wait for a convention at some point.
I decided id like to try my hand at something a little different from the studio scale, and im building this, as her birthday gift.

Its all being mounted to an airsoft Colt i picked up, seemed easier than crafting a full revolver grip and trigger assembly.
The tubing is aircon GRP ducting, which means it cuts and sands wonderfully, unlike that nasty PVC crud.

This is all still very rough here as ive only started today, but im hoping i can pull off a very cartoony/whacky end product.

Oh and i have cheated a tad, i found a few images online of a girl by the name of Henchwench, so im embelishing on a prop she had made...think im going to go NUTS with some kind of huge whacky hammer at the back too.

Anyhoo, sorry for the waffle...heres the progress.










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Thanks guys, just got the back dome cut, and im working on the hammer now.....still a lot to do, but i think its beginning to come together, gotta go shopping for cookie jar cork stoppers soon though, need a big 'un lol.



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Got the back cap rough cut and taped on, need to cut out the slot for the hammer now, ive got a couple of hammer designs down, just need to cut them and see which suits better.
Thinking of having a bolt (ala BR Blaster lol) integrated into the upper sight rail i intend to build, just to give it a bit more character?

Oh and thinking ahead, seeing as this is a female character, should i maybe go with painting the grips ivory...with a Harley Quinn logo embedded? The pistol im thinking of shooting with Aclad, and wearing in a bit?





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Its quite fun TBH, just building it on the fly really, ive still not added the structure to the inner cylinder, but already its solid, thank heavens for hot glue guns huh :lol



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Thought id spend a bit of spare time on this for a change. All roughed out, but the general feel is there now.
Still a few major bits to add, then a clean up and filling of seams...but hopefully our friend can go to a con with a Popgun and a Harley Quinn outfit soon.




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Thanks, its not perfect, but its getting the point across i guess, there are better out there, but then there are far far worse lol.

Should have it wrapped up in a couple of weeks, added the rear iron sight, need to fill all seams, then i can paint 'er up and ship it off to our friend, should look good with her costume.

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