WORKING ELECTRONICS (Post #8)!! The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun


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The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun has been on my project list for a long time. Originally I was going to make it out of foam, but I have a brand new resin printer!! I was going to model it myself, but I found a pretty good model on Thingiverse by Heroshadow (I tipped the creator). I ended up completely remodeling two pieces, but I used the rest of the parts unchanged! It was a huge time saver. It's not perfect, and it's not 100% screen accurate, but it'll make a nice wall hanger (with the rest of my collection).

After a few weeks I finally have a little progress to show! I have all the parts printed, processed and painted!! Here's a picture of where I am so far. Pretty good for 3D printed parts!! Still a long way to go, but it's a pretty good start. More updates soon!!

sbg parts.jpg
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I actual was considering a rotary encoder like in the hero prop, but I chickened out. The main thing that kept me from doing it is the resin is so fragile I was afraid to tap the holes to mount the display plate. My original thought was that I would do the electronics for the timer in the box and actually use the "decorative" screws to remove the plate to change the batteries. I found that the resin is too brittle. So, I decided just to make it a wall hanger and call it a day.

I have been thinking about two major improvements for a Mark II (or just a second attempt)

The first thing I'm considering is making the digital display box out of different material so I can install electronics, and printing everything else. That's a big commitment, so I haven't decided yet.

The second thing is pretty ambitious. I would love to remodel the parts and make it fold up like in the movie. Having built this stunt version, I can see how I could make it fold. That would be like the superhero prop!! Electronics and Folding!!

(The third improvement idea is kind of "some day when I win the lottery". I would love to do the models myself (to improve the accuracy) and have it CNCed out of aluminum... maybe even have it anodized black.)

So there is a lot of room for improvement, but I think it will be pretty cool hanging on the wall.
So this is done. I'm thinking about building a second, more accurate, version. Not sure yet, I have so many projects I need to finish!! So here it is. Let me know what you think!!

The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun Post.jpg
I does not fold up. I've been thinking about it though. I have some ideas, but I've got to iron out a lot before I try. But that's the holy grail... folding up with full electronics. Of coarse, it would also be awesome to have the parts machined out of aluminum.

At the end of the day, I'm pretty happy with this as a display piece. I'm thinking about a better one, but it would be a lot of work and time. I think I would need to remodel most of the parts myself to get the working functionality, and that is a lot of time.

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