Han Solo Droid Caller Dimensions


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I'm working on a 3D print of Han Solo's droid caller. Does anyone have a good working knowledge of the dimensions? It's hard to garner that from picture reference.


Kobold : total 125 mm in length, top diameter 35 mm, then beneath the top 34 mm curving outwards to center 41 mm, in between black part with Kobold brand name 40 mm diameter and bottom diameter 41 mm ... hope that gives you an idea :

The Kobold on the left is the accurate Solo ANH version :)

Wow, that's terrific. Thanks. Not sure if you have them in front of you, but could you tell me three more measurements? The width of the top silver ring, the middle silver ring, and the rough outside dimensions of the slotted clip?

Just trying to make this STL file as accurate as I can.


Top silver ring is about 9 mmm with a slight bevel on both sides, center ring is 7 mm also with an edge on both sides, bottom ring is 2 mm ... the lenght of the clip is 30 mm, width is 14 mm, height on top is 6mm, bottom 5 mm about halfway overall lenght is a slight curve going from 6 to 5 mm :)

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