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Hi all!
Oh yes, it's yet another HiC-build. ;)
Like many others I have been lurking in the shadows, exploring, waiting...
Sadly i came here too late, building a block has been a dream ever since i was old enough to have a place of my own,
and about a year ago i stumbled on a cast lying around littering on eBay, so i bought two!
Here comes the sad part: it's one of "those" casts... Yeah, you've all seen them I guess...
And i even bought a set of volvopanels from the same guy. Fool me once and so on ;)

Aaaanyway, that is all history, and then i found this place and cursed my impulsive behaviour!
But i decided to go on with my initial plans and build it, if I'm not pleased i guess i could try and sell the block here in Sweden :)
Like the thread title says, I am also building a wall behind it.
I tried to convince my wife that it would look awesome in our livingroom, but she showed me who's boss and told me to build it in the basement where all my other toys are.
Problem with the basement in our house is that it's not full height, it's about 2,2 meters. And i wanted to make a full scale block...

Anyway i found a perfect wall for it and started to build it this winter. Here is the progress so far:

I will update with a few more pictures/info later, I should get back to work.
Glad to be a member with the rest of you 'freaks' ;)


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A closeup on the wallpanel, top button will turn on/off light from above (the "moonlight"), middle power to Hero panels and the last one will turn the floor lights on.
The floorlight has a constant yellowish glow but fades/pulsates randomly with a bit more red from time to time.
Very cool.
Nice to see someone going with the Jabba Palace design.

I see you have some helpers for your project.;)
Start them early.
Tnx division 6, yes my little helpers love "kee-koo" (they couldn't say Darth Vader, so they call him "kee-koo" (in swedish), the sound his breathing makes :D
I taught my girls at a very young age that nothing they see on tv is real (not in this galaxy anyway)

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Yes, congratulations on going with the full backdrop of Jabba's interior. What a way to really push this piece all the way.
I might as well pop in some more photos of the build:

I am using a TV wall-mount to attach the box to the wall.

Bought some furniture legs and cut them to appropriate size so the box would stand straight.

My basement is what it is, it's a bit tight, but it has space on the upper and lower side.
Also the width is smaller than Jabbas Palace, so I had to reduce the roof beams.
But hey, I live in a house, not a palace :p

Cut and bent eight metal "stripes" that goes on each side of the beams and left it outside with saltwater on it so it could rust naturally.
NOT done with the weathering of the wall :p, and I just started remodeling my basement, so the roof will be white.
The beams have spacing on the topside towards the roof, so I can push in a MDF-board as a roof and paint it. =)
I mentioned my cast not being "RPF-quality", and it's true.
Here is what I have to work with... :(
The other hand are from the same cast as reference, I bought two sets (don't ask me why) :p

After roughly an hour of dremel and sanding i atleast have the fingers free.

I did his nails too, will look at some reference pictures later and try to make it as close as possible to the original, then again, every HiC is unique :)
95% will never think about it. 100% of my friends never stared at prop pictures for hours ;)
But then... there are you guys, the hammer will hit hard :p
This is incredible. Looking forward to your progress. I was thrilled to turn my coat closet into the cockpit of the falcon (nothing's too fancy for my computer!) with Han in Carbonite on the door. After seeing this...I'll sit in my humble little corner and await your updates.
This is incredible. Looking forward to your progress. I was thrilled to turn my coat closet into the cockpit of the falcon (nothing's too fancy for my computer!) with Han in Carbonite on the door. After seeing this...I'll sit in my humble little corner and await your updates.

Pictures! :)

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Pictures! :)

Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk

Definitely not. My prop and costume making level would be considered...oh, how to put this...Kindergarten level compared to...well...everyone on this forum. :) I enjoy what I do but it is absolutely not picture worthy. Looking forward to more of your pictures.
Focusing on the left side of "the wall" today with some paint, so I thought I would show the "service hatch" I am making in the left pillar.

I will, of course, make the same pattern on the bottom part of the pillar.
Foto 2015-05-23 10 36 53.jpg

Inside here I will hide all the electronics for the lights.
Foto 2015-05-23 10 37 26.jpg

Going for a crack in the pillar look.
I painted a part of the left wall that became too dark when i was trying out different color wash ratios =)
Foto 2015-05-23 10 44 56.jpg

I'm also thinking of cutting out a piece on each pillar on the front side and making a lighted display box with a glass infront for a stormtrooper helmet or something like that.
But I'm afraid it might ruin the whole look im going for.
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