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I'm sure some of you have read one or more of the Hammer's Slammers type books by David Drake. I first read one a few years ago, and I'm reading Paying the Piper right now.

I was just wondering if anyone had made a hovertank (of any style, really). Frankly, I love the concept, and I've seen some good takes on it at around the net (especially in the Starship Modeler user gallery).

I've been doodling various design sketches while I read, trying to lay my tank out logically... and still have it look 'right'.

I'd like for everyone to share what they've done / are doing / want to do... I know the "hovertank" can cover a wide range of styles, from Maschinen Krieger to fairly normal tanks-with-no-treads type things, so I hope there are a lot of relevant models out there.

I've avidly read that series of stories, and saw the resin hovertank you've linked to, previously - somehow it didn't seem 'right' - not massive enough, or something. The short 'The Tank Lords' has a great deal of descriptive info, and there are bits and pieces of description scattered through all the stories.
Next time I speed-read the series, I'll have to take notes on all the details, and do some sketches
The general weight of the tanks is said to be 170 tons... Combat cars are about 30 tons...

For comparison, the M1A2 Abrams weighs 69 tons.


"This is what I am saying."

The stories speak of huge machines, 2 man crews, and 6? 8? huge nacelles. That's a much bigger machine.
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