Hadhafang Noble Collection handle paint project


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So... I had scored this noble collection Hadhafang a while back for 50 bucks. I wanted this version because of the raised vine motif, which I really liked. I didn't realize that the handle would be plastic though, and the wood grain looks super fake, as well as being too light in color compared to the screen prop.
I decided to paint it darker and attempt a better wood grain look. Here's the initial coat.
Then some subtle texturing...
Then some more
Then sprayed the handle with shellac to give it a glossy look
Another shot

And the finished look..
Looking at it now, I might have gone a little darker, as the UC version is pretty dark. But you go too dark, and it's hard to draw in the wood grain. For now, I'm happy with it.


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That's pretty awesome. You're lucky you got that one so cheap. I've been looking for a reasonably priced one for a while now and they're virtually impossible to even locate from a reliable source.
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