Gundam Cosplay (Need Help Creating)


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For the last four or so month myself and some friends have been working on designing a custom gundam based on the Hi-V. Overall we are trying to construct a more advanced gundam with numatic systems for some parts to move, such as a gatling gun spinning, and other moving sections. Along with some LEDs and such we have designed a atom computer to control the suit. Sorry I wanted to keep the posting short and simple.. Anyway we have a problem most of us are on the technical side for the numatic system wiring ect however we cant phyically build the gundam well I have been practicing for 3 months now on small things but it ends up real bad so we are looking for another team member to help with the construction part and physically build the gundam. Our artist Will is busy drawing the gundam and its parts so you will have a accurate model of how it needs to look. We are trying to finish this for Anime Boston April 3-5 and are in a rush to find someone. We are willing to pay for your time and materials you will get full credit for physically building it if you are attending anime boston thats awesome!. Feel free to message me on facebook
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