Grown Crystals,... NOW WITH PIC Update 8/07

Tol Skorr

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Was going to title the subject,.."Guess what I'm growing" but that would have produced some "interesting" responses most likely?
So,....anyone wanna wonder what I'm growing them for?
I'll post hint pics sporadically.


Darth Lars was on the money.
Now the poor sabers who got the chopping block,...literally.

I've already collected 99.9% of the internal pieces and parts, circuit boards, tubing, gears, this, that.

I'll post pics as they develop


Crystals are going oh so slow,.......gonna start shopping around as it's holding up progress. It's my understanding in SW mythos that the color of the crystal denotes blade color. Going with that train of thought thats why I was grown my own to control the color they grew to be. Not workn to well. So it's off to any local "New Age" stores to see what they might have.


Not going to wait 35+ years for crystals to grow so,........a couple of quick molds and off we go.


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:lol damn you for taking my idea.

ill go the weird/obscure route and say you are growing your own kerium to start counterfitting bravestarr and fort kerium ;)

pics man. pics.


Darth Lars

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Darth Lars was on the money.
There's money? :love

Anyway, here's looking forward to seeing your progress.
Interesting to see what you are going to make out of the "scallops" on Qui-Gon's handgrip. :)


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i sprinke diamonds on every thing i eat for 2 reasons...

#1 its the most baller @#$%. you can do...

#2 it makes my doodie sparkle.



which sabers. id like to see.

wow, grow your own crystals for that huh? seems it woulda been easier to buy some... but maybe growing your own is the key to a WORKING saber.