Gremlins Gizmo Mogwai Oriental Box (Run on hold for a redesign on the size)


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Canceling the run temporarily while I rework the size of the box. I'll repost soon with the updated look.
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Been on my wish list of have one of these, Looks pretty accurate to the movie, nice job. Queston Is it a little under scaled? This movie shot looks like he has more room inside.
I can scale them up. I think the one I posted, the customer wanted it a little smaller. I'll check my sizes and adjust them acc
Sounds good, I would want one that is close to match actual prop size. Would the run start once you have 5 people committed? Is there a ballpark idea on how long to produce once run starts? Feel free to message me any pictures or links on past runs I was trying to find some to look at ones built in the past but had a hard time locating. thx!
I'll make a new prototype and post some photo's. Working on it now. The run starts as one is ordered. build time is a couple of weeks depending on what is ahead of your order. Usually about 2 to 3 weeks maximum.

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