Greg Jein Star Trek prop and costume collection at Worldcon

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Oh yeah, there was a Star Trek display at Worldcon as well. :p

[edit: rather than start separate threads, I have renamed this thread and intend to update it with other photos I took of Jein's collection at Worldcon]

Presenting the Spock Controller from "Spock's Brain" (the prop is a redress of one of the original Communicators seen in the pilot episodes "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before"):

Photos ©2006 Karl Tate










- k
Amazing pics, Karl. Very impressive.
It's amazing how crude those old TOS props could be when you get close...
Amazing mate, thank you for sharing those pics.

Did they let you hold it?
What kind of material did they use to make it?

Thx again.


My interest in this must be waning.

I was at WorldCon for five days, helped set-up the Trek display and didn't take a single picture.

What is wrong with me?
That's my hand in the photos. :p

I must thank Greg Jein, Max Cervantes and Liane Dienhart, who ran the humongous Star Trek exhibit at Worldcon, and all of whom had infinite patience with me and my camera (and my fanboy questions. :lol)

I was allowed to take many closeup reference shots of many of the costumes and props... I will post additional "features" on various items as I get my pix organized. (as you can imagine, the Blade Runner thing has kind of dominated my time lately...)

Here are a few overall shots of just some of what was on display...





As to the construction of the Cage Comm, it appears to be made just like our replicas: electronics components were submerged in clear resin. (our replicas have fewer bubbles than the real thing does :p )

These props were used in the pilot episodes of Star Trek and then never seen again...


...that is, until the Third Season episode "Spock's Brain", when a Cage Communicator shows up as McCoy's gadget for remote-controlling the brainless body of Spock.


The prop gets another repaint and shows up AGAIN in the second-to-last episode of TOS, "That Which Survives", as a calculator that Spock uses to figure out how long the Enterprise has before it blows up (the warp engines are out of control and the ship will explode unless Scotty can stop it)...


- k

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My interest in this must be waning.

I was at WorldCon for five days, helped set-up the Trek display and didn't take a single picture.

What is wrong with me?

You must be one of those poor individuals who are afflicted with, what they like to call, "a life". :D

- k

The BR Blaster pics were something else (thank you), but this has me on the edge of my seat.

Classic Trek is still my #1 interest. I'll be waiting anxiously to see what you have. Looks good so far.

Those pics are unbelievable. I've never seen better reference for the Cage comm (and its varied incarnations.

GREAT JOB :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
WOW K, those are incredible pics. I can't wait to see the others... THIS is the stuff I love, the obscure TOS props.... :D

Amazing pix. Thanks and wow.
Can't help but notice how much Wah loved that crosshatch pattern- a recurring motif.
McCoy's medical pouch is what gets me--I always thought it was so cool, and never thought much about it and suddenly there it is plain as day still in existence almost 40 years after I first saw it. Awesome awesome stuff.
McCoy's medical kit (the long pouch with full-length flap) is the larger version that was used in the second and third seasons; it has room for test tubes, scanners, and other equipment.


The pouch in Jein's collection seems to lack the pockets for holding test tubes in the flap.


Jein's hypospray syringe seems to be similar to the the first-season type, which had a sleeve that slid back and forth rather than a plunger. This syringe can be seen in early episodes like "Miri".


Most folks make replicas of the smaller pouch which only holds the hypospray syringe, spinny scanner and maybe a couple vials of Kool-aid. :lol

Here's a typical medikit replica from my own collection (made by CaptJTK I believe)


McCoy's purse-like medical bag was only seen in the first season; in the display it's beneath the pouch.


- k
To be honest however, Jein did display some likely fakes (or to be diplomatic, "replicas") in his display. For example, this black and white phaser



...and this geological tricorder...


... are almost certainly by Mark English.

This Klingon communicator, although displayed in the case with "authentic" TOS props


...was, I'm told, made for "New Voyages".

- k
Fantastic pics.

The Klingon/Romulan/every alien communicator has always been one
of those props that I loved, but never thought to find good enough pictures of to
recreate for my collection. Now I can give it a shot thanks to you, Greg Jein,
Max Cervantes and Liane Dienhart.

Thanks to all of you. :thumbsup
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Oh yeah, there was a Star Trek display at Worldcon as well. :p

:eek Wtf?. :eek

I can not believe you sat on this for a week and posted first about that Bladerunner crap. ;) :p :D
wow Karl....I'm just in awe of your knowledge and attention to detail for Trek props...another thoroughly enjoyable thread :thumbsup
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I can not believe you sat on this for a week and posted first about that Bladerunner crap. ;) :p :D


Well maybe I can make it up to you with more pix. :lol

The Klingon Communicator as you all know (and yes this will be on the test), was first introduced as an "Eminiar 7" communicator in "Taste of Armageddon"


Kor whips it out (ahem) briefly at the end of "Errand of Mercy"...


And a plot point revolves around this communicator in "Elaan of Troyius", where a Klingon spy aboard the Enterprise uses one to report back to his superiors


A clear view of this prop has never been seen publicly, AFAIK.


- k
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