Greedo mask! Need one! Fast!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Hermes, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Won´t happen again.

    You see, remember when I told you guys that my girlfriend is going to the US for a few hours?

    OK, I bought some items in a SWEET transaction that deserves and will get its own thread from Blufive, but he didn´t have a Greedo Mask. SO here´s the deal, I need one. I don´t have the cash now, but she´s going back to the US in February, for a longer time. Problem is, in February she´ll bring back a BIGGER load of stuff and won´t be able to bring a Greedo Mask, hence my point here.

    PM ME anyone who would like to get rid of one, even in not so good condition, and who wants to help wholeheartedly and selflessly (which really means I have ZERO dollars in my PayPal account, but I am known to honor my debts) for a while the ONLY presentation in Brasil of Star Wars - The MUSICAL.

    To be downloaded at for you who don´t know it.

    Anyway, HELP, RPF. You´re my only hope.

    I´m here waiting for the PM box to come bleeping.

    Thank you SO much..

  2. Hermes

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    I failed to mention that I`d like to trade it , too. I can make a good set of Jedi Pouches in trade for that mask. Pictures on request, of course.
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