Graveyard zombie prop reviews??

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by icemanfredtm, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. icemanfredtm

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    I am considering buying the graveyard zombie Halloween prop:

    I was wondering if anyone who has seen one in person can comment on it.
    I understand it is made by paper magic (bought out don post).
    only problem is there can be a large degree of quality variances these companies put out and wanted a first hand account on this piece.

  2. patsmear

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    Haven't seen one in person but I can tell you that it is best to get stuff from Don Post very early in their runs. the quality definately slips the older the piece gets. With that being said, If this is the hard foam prop, they are very easy to repaint.

  3. icemanfredtm

    icemanfredtm Well-Known Member

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    Between this forum and the halloween forum. I have only found one person who has seen this prop in person.
    And one other who owns it but repainted it. so I wouldnt be able to see detail pics of what it would look like.

    Any ideas how can I contact/find someone that has this prop?

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