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Hey everyone,
I've been tempted for years to do an Indy Grail diary. After being on the RPF the last 6 months, I've seen some great diaries and have browsed the internet looking around for some reference/guidance on building one of these things.
Now I know there are several different types of diaries and everyone will put their own artistic touch to it. But in general, does every page of the fan made diaries have text or an image? I figure if I am going to take the time to make one of these, I would do it right. Any advice would be a huge help and in return, I'll post my progress for those who have yet to build their own.
Thank you all in advance!

Nah, not every page has to have text on it; even the hero diary has some blank pages in it. When making a story diary, some people leave certain pages blank and then put an insert there instead, or just jot down a very small, two line note about something grail related, like you would if you were in a hurry.

It's your diary and you're free to make your own creative choices! :)
Hi Ryan,

Recently I got my hands on a very nice Hero Grail Diary Prop. I love the fact that the writing is not in a font type and that it divers from page to page as if really written over time and the handwriting changes depending on the mood Henry Jones Sr. is in. And even Hitler's signature is in pencil on the correct page as seen in the movie, as are certain other details.
In the Star Wars Archives Book you'll find pictures of most of the pages and thus know which page should come opposite the other. Furthermore most pages are then repeated several times over in the Hero version to make up the volume of the diary.

You may also find several binding technique tutorials on youtube :D

There are a number of free PDF versions of the Raiders diary in circulation that would help you no end mate. While they are not perfect, they will certainly help you with regards pages, and interior information to get you on your way. The thing to remember is that there are members here who have made the most astonishing diaries and in the end, unless you are truly gifted, its likely that you might feel (after ALL your work) that the others are still better..

If you want tons of info regarding the diary, I suggest you take yourself over to Club Obi Wan (COW) and become a member.

Good luck

Thank you everyone for the advice! After some searching and some help, I've decided to purchase one from a fellow member here one the RPF! That doesn't mean that I won't wanna make one of my own down the road...I mean, after all, half the fun is making the thing!
The thing with making grail diaries is that I have made several and for some reason it is a better one than the one before, yet I have not yet succeeded in making the perfect one. I guess it will only be after my 500th or so. For me, the process is all about maing the perfect one. That perfect one should hold real inserts such as the silver dollar certificate. Also, when it's finished I want to take it with me at all times and then get the autographs of all the actors in the movie, if they still live that is.
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