Got my new pred 2 bio helm ***Sculpt and Bio pix ADDED***



He he, Yes my very own bio helm. It's the predator 2 version, nice solid fibre glass casting, needs a little finishing.
Only problem is it's a UK undersized version Grrrr, ah well looks like I shall be making a cast of this and enlarging it to fit my sculpt or indeed mask when I finish it. Though this bit of kit will indeed be a display helm when I get around to doing it. Just gotta find the time.


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Here ya go Mav,
The sculpt reminds me of the final death scene in P2, can't wait to see the crown on it.
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Thanks again Andy, I'm reasonably chuffed with it considering this is the first time I've done a bust and worked with a water based clay, once the crown is done I'll have a go at texturing this little devil. Any of you guy's want to throw in a few suggestions or critisism especially you sculpting demons out there I 'd appreciate it.
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