Got my Life-Size Kenner!

Jedi Lawja

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I got a nice big package from Canada today. With great anticipation I grabbed an X-acto and started slashin'. Once the cardboard was removed I discoverd a nice tightly bubble-wrapped item. After some careful cutting I extracted my Black Stormy and Leias pistol. Beautiful.

But here I feel I must mention a small problem. Well, Y'see, it's the scope on the E-11. It doesn't work. If I didn't know better I'd think it was a block of wood. :lol (Sorry, life-size action figure toys got me in a whimsical mood.)

These are truely works of art. I think I'm going to build a grid-type rack to hang them on. They look good in the flat black I requested, but I might look around and see if I can find a real deep blue, try and copy the paint job that.. sorry, I forget your name, the guy who made one that didn't sell 'em.

In closing, if you ordered one and it hasn't come, you've got a nice surprise coming.



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Glad you like 'em. The scope works best with a moving target. The still ones just look, well... wooden. :angel I'm still filling orders (though work has been pretty busy lately) so there are a few of you still out there due for a surprise. Hope you all like them this much. I've been smiling every time I see a batch of them painted up, like this. :D Can't wait to see one with a set of stormtrooper armor.