Good refs on blue ray

Agreed - the original Millenium Falcon rocks. And I prefer the larger, original model as well, complete with its unique details, markings, and lighting. Before the mods. I think it looked faster than when they added those boxes later.
Are they any clear reference pics showing the Falcon sans boxes? I couldn't really tell during the movie.

Found some, and come to think about it I did notice.....I just couldn't tell what was different. The shot of the Falcon landing in the Death Star bay shows it verrry clearly.
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I think I'm partial to the ESB model, and I like fries...

Btw, that shot of the Falcon parking in the Death Star always floats my boat!:thumbsup
I have a bunch of SW BR screen grabs I can share. I'll post them later tonight.

Oh man, I can't wait! :cool

TheWhiteGrail said:
that shot of the Falcon parking in the Death Star always floats my boat!
Yes, that is one of those memorable Star Wars moments that really made its mark, especially when coupled with the maestro John Williams' music and Ben Burtt's sound effects!
Welcome! Was beginning to think nobody noticed. :)

Use the download link at top of the page, collects them all in 1080 x 1920
The Red 5 paintjob's had a lot of bad press on this board, but I gotta say, that starboard fuse wall looks mighty inviting on those archives pics... and the shape of that fuse, oh boy, the shape...
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