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    I'm starting to mod the inside of my Vader helmet for maximum comfort and versatility. The Rubies' Supreme has a nice face padding job, but it holds too much heat. I ripped out all the padding, and they obviously didn't want people doing that. The adhesive in there is SUPER tacky. I bought some Goo-Gone to get it all wiped clean, but I haven't used it yet. Will this do, or is there a better product out there for this purpose? I just want the best thing for the job without having to worry about it eating through the plastic or anything. Rubies' helmet modders, SPEAK UP. What has worked for you? BTW, the outside is already done, I've already painted it, so I need something that won't affect the paint either.

  2. Darth Kahnt

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    I used Goo-Gone and it is excellent. I have had no probelms with it and it works like a charm. I even use it from time to time to clean off the front of my helmet, it is good and getting rid of grime.

    Go ahead and use it, it will not damage your paint at all.
  3. Immortal Goat

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    Though I didn't use it on any helmets, I DID use it on the V Wiretap scrambler that I'm working on, and it works pretty well. Definitely reccomended.
  4. superjedi

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    I've used Goo Gone before with no damage to the surface beneath.
    Great product.
  5. GeneralMayhem

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    If the Goo Gone doesn't get it all, try WD40. It's great for getting off most rubber based glues, and is non-reactive with most plastics.
  6. wuher da brewer

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    I used Goof Off on my Rubies Vader. It works great and a little goes along way but isn't as friendly as the citrus based Goo Gone.

    Goof Off contains Methylene Chloride, Xylene, and Propyl Alcohol. Precaution needs to be taken when using it.
  7. Treadwell

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    Goo Gone is great. Just make sure you use soap and water to get it all off after you're done, especially if you're going to be using more paint or adhesives on the surface. Not that the residue will damage anything, but it might keep stuff you add to it from sticking.

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    Thanks guys. It's pretty unanimous, so I'll go ahead and use it then.

    *cheesy, emotional moment*
    I'm really glad I joined this forum, the experience and knowledge on here is incredible. Everyone here has been very helpful, and I hope to keep learning and be as much of a help to others as you all have been to me. :cry

  9. tk882

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    You can get a large can of zippo type ligher fluid and its basically the same thing. Worked perfectly to clean the inside of the rubies supreme.
  10. Treadwell

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    Well, it's not the same thing (butane & protane vs. citrus) but sure, it probably works as well for this purpose.
  11. Prop-Maker

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    Goo-Gone is among one of the greats as far as inventions go. I can't think of a better way to remove adhesive... stuff.
  12. bleyd

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    I keep a bottle of it in my armor repair kit in case I need to replace velcroe.
  13. xaoslord

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    I've used goo gone for years, and will continue to buy it. As Treadwell stated, be sure you wash it off afterwards.
  14. Clutch

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    do you think goo gone will remove the sticky from a strip of industrial velcro? I want a piece sewn onto a strap, but the sticky side keeps gumming up the needle.
  15. Treadwell

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    Easier to just use goo gone on the needle. :)
  16. seswa

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    i have sewn through industrial velcro and it does indeed gum up the needle, i tried to use goo gone, and for some reason it wouldnt work well enough to re-use the needle. (i was thinking it may be because of the machine oil from the sewing machine?)
    i opted to keep changing out the needles (bit of a waste of money, i know) and push on through to completion, then i went and bought non-sticky velcro for the next time (along with more sewing needles of course)
    my one and only time goo gone didnt work up to my expectations. everything else its great at removing and being nice and gentle with the surface below.
  17. Lynn TXP 0369

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    Buy velcro without the sticky back designed to be sewn, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble and mess.

  18. SirJediKnightTim

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    Goo gone is fantastic. DON'T use "Goof Off" unless you want to remove paint.

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