Ghostface’s magic Scream 3 Voice changer


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So with my personal hype for ghostface never higher, I’ve been ticking off a bunch of the props and costume pieces from my list. This time it was the magic voice changer Roman uses in Scream 3. I tried my hand at 3D modeling in Windows 3D builder,


It was a whole lot of back and forth, I ended up doing a bunch of iterations as I came up with better ideas and ran test prints. Finally after doing parts on my FDM and SLA printers, I got a pretty ok looking prop
I then smashed in some electronics, and did the outside in aluminum tape and boom. A great looking ghostface voice changer. The soundboard just does playback of a bunch of ghostface quotes and works great at the push of a button

As always, if you guys are interested, I did a YouTube video with a bunch more info that shows how I did it all. Thanks for stopping by

Scream 3 Ghostface Voice Box build. A tutorial video on making Roman Bridger’s voice changer replica

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