Ghostbusters 1 "spare parts" Proton Pack for Halloween


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Hello everyone. This is pretty much my first post ever on here. Some of you may know me from GBfans. :)

Anyways, I need a pack to wear this Halloween so i'm throwing one together as fast as possible to meet the deadline. I'm using all of my less accurate parts that I have aquired during countless upgrades for "the pack of dreams". I've been very busy lately so i've been doing this entire thing free hand. So common sense has went a long way. :lol


Alkaline Shell I bought a while back.

After a ton of sanding and Bondo until I was happy enough, I got it all primed up





The previous owners of my house left alot of old hardware behind. So to save money i've been using whatever I can find to put everthing together and not compromise the overall strength. An example is the rubber washers i cleverly used to hold the Loom down very sturdy!



I even free handed my own GB1 Ribbon Cable in about 15 minutes. Came out great and will more than pass until I finish up the "rig" i'm building to create more accurately spaced cables.


Since this is MY pack for this Halloween, for the time being I am using my real 4mm dark grey Legris elbows. Pretty much THE most sought after Proton Pack part out there... Warms me nerd tummy :lol


I'll have more updates soon. But right now that is how the pack currently sits. Last night I was testing out my pack lights before I install them in a better fashion. So you can check out the quick video I made if you are interested in seeing it. I don't know how to post videos on this forum, or if I even can. So here is the link. lol :)

Phish4dinner.. Light test - YouTube

Thanks for checking out my thread!
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always nice too see how you crazy GB guys build a perfect pack as fast as nothing else...

I wish I could make an effort with my shell. Only effort is the dust on the top... from 1mm to 3mm... :lol


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Thanks guys :)

THAT'S a spare part pack? Damn dude!

:lol Yeah man. I got a little ahead of myself when i first ventured into the Proton Pack world. Plus most of the new and smaller vintage parts I always have on hand.. I'm a stickler for details and I still learn something new everyday. I'm trying to make my "dream pack" as accurate as I possibly can. In turn i've made upgrades about 4 times over.. This one I didnt even hold a tape measure to. So I could make some adjustments Hahaha.. I've spent a good year now just looking for accurate vintage parts. Luckily I have a great majority of them now. But, I still need one for Halloween. So I might as well throw it all together.
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You guys suck. We don't have any re-release up here in Canada. :rolleyes

Oh and nice pack bro. Can't wait to see the real one. :lol

your evil twin

If you are willing to ship to the UK, then whenever you get round to finishing your "real" pack, I'll be very intersted in your spare parts one! :D


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The re-release last night was great!! First time i ever wore my props out in public. Very different, yet exciting experience!

Heres the pack, all ready to go when i need it! Pretty much all finished. Just have to start weathering.


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If you are willing to ship to the UK, then whenever you get round to finishing your "real" pack, I'll be very intersted in your spare parts one! :D

That is highly doubtful anytime soon. Plus, I'm swapping the elbows and ALICE frame to my dream pack.. For now I am just using them because it makes me happy hahaha


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just for fun. here's the only pic i wound up getting of myself from the re-release. My friend followed me in the bathroom and took this with his cruddy phone. I didnt even know about it until i got home and he texted it to me. LOL



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Proton Pack looks awesome :thumbsup iam making the Goggles for my brother he said i need it by thursday i just said wtf joe could have told me a month ago than an week that my brother at last second he tells you.


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This is my 2nd attempt ever at weathering.. Trust me, you don't want to see the first before I fixed it haha. This time im pretty happy.

I simply took very fine 400 grit sandpaper and started lightly swirling it around to dull alot of the paint and blend it in with the shinier parts to make it that worn look metal gets from extreme heat.. Lookin nice and sloppy so far imo, almost as sloppy as a screen used pack. hahaha



Without the flash.

I might wait until after Halloween to do the 2 non weathering adjustments that i left for myself due to the free handed nature of this pack.. Any other "mistakes" i made from educated guesses are all seen on various screen packs. So I will happily leave those details
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