Getting Superglue off of spandex/lycra?

Have a Spidey suit with some superglue residue from the webs on it in some sections. Does anyone know the the best way to remove the glue without damaging the suit?
I've heard nail polish remover will take off superglue, but not sure what kind of effect it will have on lycra/spandex. I had a black zentai suit with a lot of superglue on it at one time but never got around to testing it.
Acetone is an extremely stong solvent that breaks down the chemical structure of polymers. You sure you want to try that? On a suit that is made from polymers?
Well then I guess it's a good thing I didn't do anything to it yet! Surely someone else has run into this problem, even if not on a Spidey suit? How the heck do you get off the superglue? There's got to be a way!
well depending on how thin the superglue is, if its really thin then itll soak into fabrics....ans there is nothing you can do that i know can find some superglue solvents at some hobby stores ....or nail polish remover....

but if its worked into the fabric, then your out of luck really...
Well once I cleaned epoxy glue and paint on my Lycra shirt using Acetone and it didn't affect the color or fabric of the shirt, I would try it in a hidden spot inside a seam on extra material first but I think it won't affect the fabric.

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