Getting Air Bubbles Out Of Latex


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Ok lately I've been making a lot of the Iron Man latex neckseals, but every once and a while I get one that has a good amount of air bubbles on the outer surface of the neck, but when I slipcast with the latex in the plaster mold I don't see any airbubbles on the latex, it's when I pull it from the mold I find them. Now is there a easy way to resolve this problem? Do I need to vibrate the mold, is there something I can do to the mold surface before latex is poured in? Any suggestions?
What I have always done is to first pour a thin first coat. I then use a can of compressed air or a spritzer bottle with a bit of water in it to knock out all the air bubbles...this has worked for me in the past.

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Ok thanks I'll give that a try, I've gotten other suggestions in the past such as putting water in the mold pouring it out and without drying it out slipcast the latex in there. Do you think that would work, supposedly it's supposed to coagulate a thin layer of latex on the mold wall.
You might also try brushing a coat on first---that's what I do with my bat-cowl molds. Wet the brush and work a drop of dish-soap into it, then squeeze off the excess---that'll keep the latex from clumping up and make the brush easier to clean afterward.

It doesn't prevent every single air bubble, but it cuts down on them significantly.
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