Get one of these in your life!

Actually if it goes slow enough you could tie a toy onto it and it'd get them chasing it, it'd work for dogs too i bet. What's nice for that price if it gets banged up you're not out of a ton of cash.
god I was hoping this was about this........
I have a similar model. Its great fun. I love flying it in the conference room at work. High ceilings and plenty of room. :D


I've been through a few of the Proto X quads. Loving the new slt adding the ability to do flips.
Sooner or later, they make you. That's the devil's candy right there. Awesome to look at and endlessly entertaining for sport, but there's a hefty price. Not saying any mortal man could resist that one, though. The apple, indeed!

theres no time for talking.........
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