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Hi Folks,
I'm getting ready to use Future as a sealer for the first time. I'm going to use my old Badger airbrush. What should I use to clean up the airbrush afterwards. Water? Alcohol? Thanks.
I'm getting ready to try this too. I plan on trying one of those sprayers you get at home depot though. I think they're called Propel or something. You fill the jar and screw on the spray head. The cost around $5-7 i think...I don't want to ruin my airbrush.
I could be wrong but I think its just plain old water. Lots of it but water none the less. I beleive its a water soluable wax - I don't have any or I'd check for you. Most of your household waxes are though. READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY! Prett ymuch if it says you can mix it with water you should be able to clean with water as well. The window cleaner idea sounds liek agood one since its mostly water with a few other solvents thrown in.

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Thanks everyone. Especially YT. That link is very helpful and informative. Windex it is.

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The latest edition of FineScaleModeler magazine (March 04) has an article on the uses of Future. It might answer all the questions.
Hi everyone,
This may be a dumb question but I've never used Future before. Do you need to polish it after it's been applied or will it be crystal clear already?
maybe THIS is a dumb question but:

what do you use Future Floor Shine for in terms of props?

other than to shine your floors..

I have used it to seal problem spots on resin and as an alternative to clear coat spray paint. You can cut with alcohol and use it to weather some type of paint. There's an article in this month's or last month's Fine Scale Modeling on its uses.

What will it do on top of Rustolium Chrome paint?

Turn it grey or silver?

Any help would be appreciated,
I need to know for a project I'm working on.
osprey1111 wrote:
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Thanks for your help J.
I appreciate it!

Badger, here's a link you might be intersted in...

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Osprey, thanks for posting that link!

I've used future before and found it to be a wonder product (it became a joke with my wife, because anytime she had a problem I mentioned that FFP would do the job).

That article had a heap of useful information in it. I've saved it to disc for future (ahem. no pun intended) reference.

my understanding is that Future is nothing more than a Clear Acrylic (ie 'paint'). Use it accordingly.
It's very fluid, and also often used for dipping clear model parts in for a better shine (aircraft canopies and such)
Additional comment/benefit of Future I was just reminded of:

Normally, I dip my 1/24 car bodies in the stuff.

For my current project, I just shot the car with Tamiya Clear.

In painting the silver trim work around the windows, I had to use some thinner to remove some boo-boos. The thinner ate through the cured Tamiya Clear.

With Future, you CAN use thinner to remove excess paint without damaging the clear coat. Pretty tough stuff...
THERE IS AN ARTICLE IN THIS months? edition of amazing figure modeler where a guy sprayed the dome of a full size alien 3 head with this stuff before coating it in clear paint as he found the paint would "wrinkle" the clear vac'd parts, the ff stuff stopped this from happening.quite a handy tip

Rich, your bound to know, can this be sprayed undiluted through an airbrush?

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